New finds at Nateshwar excavation site

A section of the new excavation on the 10 acre Nateshwar archaeological site in Munshiganj’s Tongibari upazila, where scientists believe a Buddhist city was founded more than a thousand years ago. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Star

The Daily Star, March 25, 2017

Our Correspondent, Munshiganj

Scientists have discovered several archaeological evidences of a Buddhist city older than a thousand years at Nateshwar excavation site in Munshiganj’s Tongibari upazila.

The new finds include an entrance and walkway, prayer hall, mortar floor, three octagonal stupas, pot shreds, baked clay materials, and burnt bricks.

The scientists unveiled their discoveries through a press conference at the excavation site yesterday.

Oitijjo Onneshon, a Jahangirnagar University-based archaeological research organisation, conducted the excavation with support from Agrashar Bikrampur Foundation and the Department of Archaeology of the government.

Teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University and Comilla University took part in this year’s excavation.

Head of the excavation expedition Prof Sufi Mustafizur Rahman said more archaeological evidences were expected to be found at the site.

BETA Laboratory of the USA confirmed that the artefacts were formed between 780 AD and 1223 AD, added the archaeology professor of JU.

Nuh-Ul-Alam Lenin, president of Agrashar Bikramapur Foundation, said the artefacts were discovered at the depth of 1.5 feet to 15 feet.

Ibrahim Hossain Khan, secretary of the cultural affairs minister, and Altaf Hossain, director general of Department of Archaeology, also spoke.

The excavation started at the 10 acre site in 2010, and 25 students are taking part in the field work.


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