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Advanced tools and knowledge making excavation safer, easier


KATHMANDU, Feb 24: It is indeed hard for many people to imagine the existence of an entire city below a ground covered with lush green grass. But years after discovering the buried ancient city of Tilaurakot in Lumbini, archeologists are still unearthing important sites with links to the life of Lord Gautama Buddha.

A few months ago, national and international archeologists found what they have called the earliest ever Buddhist shrine and the first one to have direct links to the life of Gautam Buddha.

Various archeologically important entities continue to surface during the excavations in Lumbini and Tilaurakot.

All thanks to modern technologies, archeologists have not only been able to unravel such entities but also scrutinize them closely and construct a vivid and detailed account of the life of the Buddha. Continue reading

Google’s Trekker brings monuments home

Business Standard
Tanima Banerjee
February 23, 2014

File:Buddhist site 3rd century AD.jpg
Nagarjuna Konda Buddhist Stupas.  Wikipedia

Ever struck by the sheer amazement of the idea of taking a tour in and around the Taj Mahal and admiring its grandiose structure sitting in your living room sipping a cup of coffee? Now, Google, in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India has turned this exciting thought into a reality. For the first time, Google has brought for history and culture lovers 360-degree online imagery of iconic Indian heritage sites through the Google Trekker technology. Now, one can virtually visit famous monuments from the comfort of their own homes without having to go all the distance.

The opportunity to visit these archeological sites is available through the updated version of Google Maps through Street View and the Google Cultural Institute, which also provides information about the monuments while giving one a close tour. It also uses 3D modelling, and other Google technologies such as YouTube to help explore and appreciate these sites via videos, photos and in-depth information. This virtual walkthrough through the Street View option is seamless and as good as being there itself. Continue reading

[Baltimore, USA] Humanities and Technology Camp [22 Nov 2013]

9AM-5PM – November 22, 2013

The advent of digital technology and social media has not only transformed how today’s religious communities function. They have also changed how scholars teach about and conduct research on religion more broadly. If you are interested in how technology is changing—or can change—the work of religious studies scholars, then we invite you to attend the AAR’s first ever THATCamp! Continue reading