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Film: Decline of Buddhism in Thailand

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
May 24th, 2013


To view the video, follow the [link].

Tibetan Buddhist Art Exhibition Buddhas are coming to North


18.8. -25.9.2011

On the Night of the Arts at Brinkkala Gallery there will be an exhibition opening of rare Tibetan Buddhist statues and paintings.

The works will be brought to Turku from private collections from all over Europe, including pieces from the Johan-J├╝rgen Blomeyer collection. The centuries old works symbolize timeless values – like fearlessness, joy, wisdom and love.

The exhibition has been organized previously in different European capitals of culture, the latest being in the Ruhr region, Germany. This year Turku offers an opportunity to get to know these unique artworks. The exhibition is organized by Diamond Way Buddhism Turku in cooperation with the Museum Centre of Turku.

The exhibition is free. All are welcome!