About Buddhist Art News

We provide news on Buddhist art, architecture, archaeology, music, dance, film, and academia, as well as original content: exhibition and book reviews, interviews, notices, etc. Sources for re-posted content are identified at the head of each article, with a [link] at the end. We promptly remove content upon request from the content creator or title holder.

News items appear chronologically. Specific categories of interest include: recent and upcoming exhibitions and newly published books.

While it is needless to say that images from Buddhism are employed for other than spiritual ends, we take a generous approach, presuming on the side of upaya rather than doctrinal or institutional exclusivity.

Comments are appreciated.

Buddhist art news has always operated without interest in profit, without ads or other means of financing.

Editor-in-chief: Jonathan Ciliberto.

Thanks to our intern editor (2012-2014),  Jeffrey Martin.

Buddhist Art News was co-founded by Jon Ciliberto and  John Johnston in 2007.

Write to us at: buddhistartnews (at) gmail.com

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  6. Your very, very, interesting site. Wonderful. Beauty.

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