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LACMA releases new online catalogue of Southeast Asian art

24 Nov 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA.- The Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced the publication of Southeast Asian Art (http://seasian.catalog.lacma.org), a new website featuring in-depth scholarship authored by professor and curator Dr. Robert Brown.

The online publication focuses on 34 highlights from the museum’s extraordinary collection of Southeast Asian art (complemented by numerous comparative images) and includes extended essays on topics such as light symbolism, female deities, and the impact of Buddhism on Sri Lankan and Southeast Asian art.

Southeast Asian Art is the first in a series of online scholarly catalogues designed to provide an in-depth, web-based reading experience previously available only in print publications, enhanced with unique rich media features such as videos, 360-degree image rotation for select objects, and an easy online citation tool. The project is intended to share museum-generated scholarship with the broadest possible audience and enable both students and advanced researchers of Southeast Asian art to use newly developed online research tools. Continue reading

SEAMEO SPAFA 2013 Workshop: Buddhist Arts in Southeast Asia

Buddhist Arts in Southeast Asia Workshop
June 2013


Faculty of Fine Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Thailand
Fine Arts Department, Thailand
Temples and Museums in Thailand


A diverse region in terms of cultures, Southeast Asia is a huge multicultural hub, intergrating different beliefs and hosting some of the world’s dominant Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian states. According to the Pew Research Center, Southeast Asia hosts 253 million Muslims which account for 16% of the world’s Muslim population.

Among 11 Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia has 202 million Muslims, making it the largest Muslim country in the world. The Philippines has the 5th largest number of the world’s Christian population with 86 million Christians, and 99.6% of the population of Timor Leste practises Christianity. Based on the report of the US Department of State in 2010, Vietnam and Thailand ranked 3rd and 4th respectively in the world in terms of the number of Buddhists.

Although Southeast Asia houses a great number of spiritual beliefs and practices, peaceful interactions and coexistence have been tempered by intolerance and misguided-nationalism.

The lack of cross-cultural understanding often results in cultural insensitivity, and lead to social conflicts. It is crucial, therefore, to promote cross-cultural understanding and dialogue among Southeast Asians to achieve unity, peace, and sustainable social development. Countries in Southeast Asia are working to enhance mutual understanding and respect through political, social, and, most importantly, educational means. Continue reading