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Passing of Master thangka painter Thargey-La


Thargey-la was a thangka painter who lived among the Tibetan exile community in Kathmandu and will be remembered as an important link in passing thangka techniques to the west.  Perhaps his most well-known student is Andy Weber, whose thangkas have illustrated hundreds of books, magazines, and calendars, and who has also passed on his skills to a new generation of western thangka artists such as Carmen Mensink, who has written about Thargey-la’s passing on her website.

Symbolism in Buddhist Art lecture video

Shambhala Sun
21 November 2013

Tibetan Gallery & Studio Presents a Lecture Series: Teachers & Transmissions in the Thanbhochi

Our premiere lecture, by Nicholas Egan, began to scratch the surface on the complexities of this ancient Tibetan art. We have taped it, and you can find links to the different segments below.

In the first segment, Nick discusses the difference between art for purpose and art for art’s sake. Continue reading

Film: The Dark Lord, Mahakala

Metropolitan Museum of Art


To view the film, follow the [link]