4th International conference and dhamma yatra : *Ancient Buddhism * April 8-9, 2017 Lalitpur & Devgarah, India

*MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THE CONFERENCE : *Carrying out interdisciplinary dialogue with other traditions in Association with support of Theravada, Navyana researchers- practitioners and Conservation of New Inventories.


– Buddhism and contemporary socio-cultural practices – Forms of reception of Buddhism in the West and East – Buddhism and Environmental Degradation – Buddhism in the light of contemporary natural science knowledge – Meditation methods and development of a person’s – Buddhism in the global crisis as tool for Teerthatan (Dhammayatra) – Problems of Bundelkhand Buddhist education

The conference will include panel discussions on topics: “Monks, yogis, lay practitioners (transformation of cultural and social status)†, led by Ven Prgyadeep Mahathero Budhgaya, *Submit your text to be publish in Vol 4 of Ancient Buddhism **ISSN 2395-471X** by February 15, 2017 on A 4 size paper up to 3 pages i.e. < 1500 words in 14 font Time New Roman. Also contribute publication cost Rs 500/page.*

We are unable to provide any kind of financial support. The whole programme will be based on the donation contribute by individuals. Thus *contribute one part of income and ensure goodwill **(punyaparmi).*

*Programme 8 April, 2017 Lalitpur **(Stay cost at your end)*

6.00 AM Prabhat Pheri Pisnari Bagh to Ren basera/Dr Ambedkar Park via main market of Lalitpur,

7.30 AM Snacks Tea etc to participants Ren basera near Company Bagh

9.00-11.15 AM Dhamma Discourse, presentation of papers Ren basera near Company Bagh

11.30 AM Sanghadaan Ren basera near Company Bagh

2.00 -6.00 PM Dhamma Discourse & panel discussions

6.00 PM Candle/Lamp light Ren basera to Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura.

7.PM* :*Chanting Suttas, Puja, Vandana

*9 April, 2017 Devgarh **(Travel cost at your end)*

7.00 AM Dhamma Yatra to Buddha Caves and Images site Devgarah

11.30 AM Sanghadaan, Buddha Caves and Images site Devgarah

2.00 – 4.00 PM Dhamma Discourse : Ven Buddhist Monks/Lay persons

4.30 PM Return from Devgarah to Lalitpur and individual destinations

*fHkD[kq **Mk0 lqes/k Fksjks **Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero **cell 919415945895, *

*Sumedh Bhoomi Buddha Vihar, Dr Ambedkar Park, Jhansipura, Lalitpur -284403, India*

* vensumedh12@gmail.com ,* *https://www.facebook.com/ven.sumedh*

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