Buddhist Relics Discovered in A Hindu Shrine in Andhra Pradesh

Buddhist-Relics-Discovered-in-A-Hindu-Shrine-in-AP-IndialivetodayIndia Live Today

Published by : Ruchira Ghosh

Andhra Pradesh, July 14: Here is some news for lovers of history and archaeology. A slice of history has come alive –on the banks of Krishna River at Pondugula in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district.

Buddhist relics pertaining to the 3rd century have been unearthed here recently. The relics may be ascribed to the Ikshvaku dynasty and its regime. All the pillars are adorned with half lotus medallions and floral designs These were later used as plinths of the Jalapeshwar temple erected by Vengi Chalukyas in the 8th century AD.

Well known archaeologist and CEO of Vijaywada’s cultural centre E Sivangi Reddy teamed up with Dr M Ravi Krishna a prominent literary historian based in Guntur , for this project.

The duo surveyed the site of the relics and were amazed to find pillars with Buddhist carvings being used as plinth for the Hindu temple. Reddy disclosed that similar Buddhist relics again hailing from Ikshvaku period had been unearthed at Manchikallu, Goli Rentala, Gurazala,Kadambapadu and Modugula et al.

These areas are located not too far from the site discovered lately. The collectively comprise what is known as Buddhist belt of the Ikshvaku era. Reddy went on to add, as per inscriptions on one of the pillars, the entire temple and its carvings were conceptualized and executed by a sculptor named Kalagarabharanacharya (literal: gem among sculptors) unfortunately one of the pillars has suffered damages owing to vagaries of weather.

Currently the site is under the protection of the Archaeological survey of India. Reddy urged that the ASI must take good care of the temple as well as the precious pillars which are now a part and parcel of the shrine in question.



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