Kathak meets Buddhist monks in Hyderabad

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.22.45 PMThe Times of India
Paulami Sen | TNN | Apr 5, 2016, 12.00 AM IST

Kathak guru Shovana Narayan’s goosebump inducing production, Wisdom and Compassion: The way of Buddha, staged at Ravindra Bharathi on Sunday, was different from the word go. Staying true to the eclectic style she is famous for, Shovana merges the tatkars of her dance troupe with the soothing chants of Buddhist monks, and the effect is spectacular. Divided into five acts, the production, which draws heavily from the teachings of the Buddha, was magical to say the least. The music, lighting schemes, the chants of the monks from the Drete Dhargon Monastery and the harmonious music transported the audience into a magical realm for 90 minutes. Some in the audience were even moved to tears — especially at that part where emperor Ashoka is thoroughly disillusioned after watching the perils of war, bloodshed and grotesque bodies. The show concluded with a segment of meditation initiated by the Buddhist monks. Post the show, Shovana was surrounded by her admirers in the dressing room — while one of them spoke eagerly about how much she loved the performance, another reminded her of yet another stellar show in Delhi way back in 1994. Shovana herself had some nice things to say about the Hyderabadi audience: “The reception of my dance in the city is always so excellent! It feels wonderful to perform here, people are so warm, they come up to me and tell me so many things about my dance. The first time I came to perform here was way back in 1980 and it has been a great relationship with Hyderabad since then. Look, so many people turned up this evening, despite the World Cup T-20 finals. I will come here again and again to perform, whenever Hyderabadis beckon.”


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