Thirst: The Nature of Craving – A Zen Opera in Three Acts

Saturday, January 09, 2016 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Atlanta Soto Zen Center
1167 Zonolite Place NE
Suite C
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
United States

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Registrar: Tom Pongratz
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“Thirst: The Nature of Craving”
Between periods of Zazen and chanting the day will be divided into three “Acts”.

Act 1 – What We Crave
In this section we will discuss what it is we crave when we crave. Beyond the obvious sex drugs and rock & roll, what is it we are actually craving? Is there something else? Something deeper? Or do we just dig the high.

Act 2 – How we Crave
The phenomenon of craving – as experienced – is not reducible to standard, common, prosaic language. Ordinary rational language is not sufficient. Something is always lost, missed, or harmed in the telling. Thus in Act 2 we will attempt to understand the phenomenology – the experience as experienced – of craving by sharing its expression through non-prosaic forms.

Act 3- That We Crave
In the third act of this retreat we will consider what it is to be “that which craves”, or perhaps, what it is to be the act of craving itself. Whereas in Act 1 we’ll have considered what it is we actually crave, and in Act 2 what the embodied experience of craving is, in Act 3 we’ll contemplate and discuss what being “that which craves means”, how it relates to our lives, and our practice.

Please, let us know that you’ll be attending and if you’re willing to participate in what we truly believe will be a unique retreat.

Shinnyo Kevin Schumaker
Taiun Michael Elliston Roshi

Food: Please bring your own brown bag lunch

Fees are $35 USD.


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