Encroachments at Buddhist Monasteries

New Indian Express
By S Nagaraja Rao Published: 09th December 2015 07:01 AM

KADAPA: On one side, the state and Central governments are giving importance to Buddhist heritage sites at the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati, but on the other side, it is neglecting monasteries at Adapur of Nandalur mandal in Kadapa district. Encroachments have come up at Adapur Buddhist monasteries that are maintained by the State Archaeology Department. The place has also become a den for anti-social elements.

According to the guidelines of State Archaeology department, no new constructions should be undertaken at the ancient sites and they should be preserved in whatever form they are in. But at Adapur, due to negligence of the Archaeology department it is becoming a graveyard. As there are no toilet and drinking water facilities, the tourists who are visiting the heritage site are facing lot of difficulties.

The Buddhist Society of India (BSI) state vice-president, A Sampat Kumar, speaking to Express, said that they have noticed encroachments at the Buddhist monasteries at Adapur during their recent visit. “We found a grave and a flag belonging to a particular community at the premises of the monasteries which was brought to the notice of the Archaeology department,” he said. He appealed to the government whip and Rajampet MLA M Mallikarjuna Reddy, to take measures to develop the site as a tourist place.

When contacted, State Archaeology department assistant director D Pattabhireddy said that he had already directed the Kadapa museum incharge and technical assistant Gangadhar to inspect the place and submit a report on the encroachments on the Adapur Buddhist sites.



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