‘Buddhist Art and Contemporary Culture’ lecture by Dr Charlotte Galloway (Australia)

Sydney and Wollongong

Lecturer: Dr Charlotte Galloway PhD (ANU, Australia), BA (Art History and Curatorship)

Date: Monday 15 June – Friday 19 June
Time: 9 – 5.30 pm daily
Venue: Nan Tien Institute Wollongong Campus
231 Nolan Street, Unanderra (Wollongong) NSW 2526


Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Road, Sydney NSW 2000

About the Speaker

Dr Charlotte Galloway is a sessional lecturer for NTI – teaching the subject ‘Buddhist Art and Contemporary Culture’. Dr Galloway also lectures in Asian art history and Curatorial Studies at the Australian National University. Previously, she was Asian Art Curator at the National Gallery in Canberra. Her research interests focus on the Buddhist art of Burma, and Southeast Asia more broadly. Recent research includes the relationships between Buddhist texts and image in early Burma, and the transmission of Buddhism through Southeast Asia. The reception and interpretation of Buddhist art in the West since the colonial period is an ongoing research interest. She is interested in the nexus between the two elements of Buddhism – the practice and the academic theory; and the relationship between Buddhist art and imagery, and the changing modern practice of Buddhism.
About the Subject

‘Buddhist Art and Contemporary Culture’ explores the history, development, form and meaning of Buddhist arts and their influence in different cultures and contexts. Topics include the beauty of Chan and Purity Land, Buddhist architecture, spiritual totems of Tibetan Buddhists, calligraphy and stone inscriptions, as well as the influence of Buddhism on art, music and dance in different cultures.

The subject will combine lectures; a guided object analysis session at the Art Gallery of New South Wales; a calligraphy workshop; and expert guide through contemporary Asian art exhibition; talks from professional artists; and more.

Taken as a short course, non-award subject it would be a valuable professional development course for teachers, artists, critics, curators, academics – or even out of pure interest. It can also be taken as a larger Masters, Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate program.



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