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“A Votive Prayer and Dedication on an Early Thangka of sMan bla”
by Amy Heller
Study of a thangka of the Buddha of Healing from western Tibet or the Western Himalayas, attributed to late 11th to 12th century, in the context of a review of the development of the iconography of the Buddha of Healing from Dunhuang to the earliest representations in mural paintings of Western Tibet. This painting is part of a corpus of several paintings attributed to Western Tibet/ Western Himalayas, now conserved in the Pritzker Collection, which exhibit specific techniques of preparation of canvas similar to Indian antecedents according to a painting conservator. This article also… [more]

Review of: Amy Heller & Giacomella Orofino. Discoveries in Western Tibet and the Western Himalayas: Essays on History, Literature, Archaeology and Art
by Christian Luczanits
Piats 2003: Tibetan Studies: Proceedings of the Tenth Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Oxford, 2003. Brill’s Tibetan Studies Library, vol. 10/8. In: Journal of the American Oriental Society 129 (3), no. 3 (2009): 503-5.

“Imperial Interest Made Manifest: sGa A gnyan dam pa’s Mahākāla Protector Chapel of the Tre shod Maṇḍala Plain.”
by Karl Debreczeny

Book Review of The Black Hat Eccentric (Indologica, October 2012) by M. Maria Przyjemska (Bonn University)
by Karl Debreczeny

An Inscription on the Pedestal of a Kashmirian Buddha Image
by Alexis Sanderson
The transcription and translation of this inscription from 7th-century Kashmir, prepared by Oskar von Hinueber and published with a photograph of the image in Ulrich von Schroeder 2001, are corrected here, providing in place of a text that made little sense without assuming that its author’s Sanskrit was wildly inaccurate and his thought disordered an elegant and fully coherent dedicatory verse in faultless Sanskrit.


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