95-year-old comes back to life after Buddhist music played

201411230008t0001Focus Taiwan
2014/11/23 10:58:14

from chinatimes.com
Taipei, Nov. 23 (CNA) A 95-year-old woman in Taiwan’s southern county of Yunlin came back from the dead last week after her family played her recitations of a Buddhist sutra, the China Times reported Friday.

Yang Chang Yueh-yun was pronounced dead from multiple organ failure on Nov. 14 after being hospitalized for over 10 days, her son, Yang Shun-wen, told the local daily.

The 95-year-old was then taken home, in which the funeral parlor had made ready for a service. Recitations of a Buddhist sutra was played, in keeping with Taiwanese Buddhist tradition.

The next day, a miracle happened after Yang’s cousin decided to put earphones around her aunt and played her a different sutra, according to her family.

Yang Chang surprised her family when she started clapping and reciting the sutra about five minutes after a recording of the sutra was played.

Yang Chang surprised even more people when her son took her mother back to the hospital where she had stayed at the following day.

The doctor who was treating her said the incident was the first that had ever happened throughout the years he has been practicing.

On Thursday, members of a Buddhist group visited the old lady in the hospital. She greeted her visitors with all smiles, while patients next to her said they felt amazed after she tried to chat with them.

(By Scully Hsiao)



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