Global debut of “See Mount Wutai Again,” a Buddhist Drama Directed by Wang Chaoge, Unlocks an All-new Era of Multistage Integrated Performance

OCTOBER 9, 2014 08:17 AM EDT

MOUNT WUTAI, China, Oct. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Jointly created by Mount Wutai Scenic Spot and Guanyinxiang Art Development Co., Ltd., and directed by renowned director Wang Chaoge, the large-scale drama See Mount Wutai Again made its global debut on Mount Wutai in Shanxi on September 19, 2014. An audience of more than 1,600 specially invited people including representatives from the Mount Wutai Buddhism Association, guests from all walks of life, and media watched the debut, and spoke highly of the performance. Meanwhile, masters from various temples on Mount Wutai held a grand blessing ceremony blessing with 1,000 participants.
In March 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping talked about the history and significance of Chinese Buddhism development for the first time during his visit to the UNESCO headquarters. Xi connected Buddhist culture and construction of a socialist spiritual civilization, speaking highly of Buddhism. He said, “After a long period of evolution, Buddhism has seen integrated development with Chinese Confucian culture and Taoism culture, and finally formed Buddhist culture with Chinese characteristics, exerting profound influence on Chinese religious belief, philosophy, literature and art, etiquette and custom, among others.”

Mount Wutai is the most well-known Buddhist sanctuary among the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China, and See Mount Wutai Again gives an in-depth interpretation of spiritual connotation of Buddhist culture in an innovative manner. The nearly 200 meters long stage with a strong Buddhist atmosphere, extraordinary thematic interpretation, and beautiful revolving space constitutes the visual highlight of the drama. In the drama, audience saw how Buddhism is connected with modern life and life stories of common people on Mount Wutai. The audience, along with the roles in the drama, experienced passage of time and Zen meditation of life, while experiencing the wisdom implicated from Mount Wutai from a special perspective. “In China, Buddhism is not just a faith; it is part of our culture, running in the blood of the Chinese people,” said director Wang. Whether you believe in Buddhism, there exist Buddhism-related behaviors in our life.”

During the 90 minutes, the audience moved from the indoor scenario experience area to a 360-degree panoramic revolving stage, experiencing vicissitudes of life, good life, and inspirations of faith and great wisdom. With such stage language and scenario, See Mount Wutai Again gave a refreshing interpretation of Buddhist allusions and rituals like lofty mountains and flowing water, and enabled philosophical reflections. With what we saw and heard, and finally perceived and gained, we will see a new day from next second. When it comes to the expression of the theme on Buddhism, director Wang said, “The Buddhist culture is as vast as the open sea. We can’t give a clear picture of the sea. Yet, it would be our cherished wish if our work can remind you, inspire you, or enable you to perceive Manjushri’s wisdom.”

See Mount Wutai Again is not only a key project to promote overall overhaul and upgrade of Mount Wutai and accelerate the development of the cultural industry, but also a major move to aggressively promote the transformation and leapfrog development of Mount Wutai’s tourism industry, and marks Shanxi province’s another leap to grow into a province with a flourishing cultural industry. Wang added, “See Mount Wutai Again is a part of the Mount Wutai Scenic Spot, and a segment of the province’s cultural industry chain. It is not merely a piece of artwork. It is a major move that combines tourism and culture.”

SOURCE Guanyinxiang Art Development Co., Ltd.

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