Olmsted County Planning approves Buddhist pavilion

Posted: Sep 04, 2014 11:04 PM EDT
By Nicole Goodrich, Reporter

Video: KTTC Rochester, Austin, Mason City News, Weather and Sports

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Plans are underway for a outdoor performance pavilion on the grounds of Buddhist Support Society temple. The Conditional Use Permit was approved by the Olmsted County Planning Advisory Commission Thursday.

The performance pavilion would go at the Southwest corner of the property where the Buddhist Support Society already has a worship hall and monastery. The site is located within Marion township.

The pavilion would be used for seasonal community celebrations, but was not included in the original conditional use permit obtained by the organization.

The Commission approved the pavilion.

Buddhist Support Society officials say they plan to use the space two times a year, for their New Year’s Celebration and their temple’s birthday. “Events that would be happening on the pavilion would be things like a fashion show, a cultural dance,” said Sam Ouk of the Buddhist Support Society. “So it’s Cambodian traditional, Cambodian folk dance, it’s not live loud bands of music or anything like that.”

Some neighbors voiced concern over the project, saying they are worried about noise levels, but other say they have no problems with the plans.

No noise limits were imposed by the county, but the Commission will review the conditional use permit one year after the project is complete.


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