Buddhism inspired art works

Times of India
Zeenia Baria, TNN | Aug 12, 2014, 12.25PM IST

For Mumbai based artist Umakant Tawde, next week is going to be a special one.

The young artist is all set to showcase his latest works in his new show titled Gnosis (Bhikshu). The vibrant works, oil and acrylic on canvas will be displayed at the prestigious in Jehangir Art Gallery. Inspired by Buddhism, Umakant says that he has tried to strike a balance between creativity and Buddhism. Says the artist, “While Buddhism is all about exploring yourself and attaining the power of mind over body, self realisation and self- control, creativity adopts or follows certain methods of Buddhism, where the creator becomes meditative as he goes about creating and concentrating while he explores the depth of theme. This way he attains a meditative hold over the physical appearance of a painting. For me, Buddhism and creativity simultaneously manage our real and veiled nature. What many people don’t realise is that there is a rise of consciousness in both. While it may seem effortless, meditation is quite difficult to do. Try meditating and you will realise how easy it is to get distracted. There will hardly be a moment when you can sit without having a single thought in your mind. It is almost like probing into unpredictable territory. Creativity follows the same ebb of finding balance amongst chaos.”

Umakant has been busy exploring the history of Lord Buddha and Buddhism since several years now. His upcoming show, which features Gnosis/ Bhikus, is a step further in his thought process. His new works will feature the representatives of Lord Buddha — monks. Along with the Dalai Lama, he has also painted ‘novice’ monks. “When you will see my works, you will notice that these novice monks’ expressions are not serene and meditative but seem to be at the infantile stage of becoming monks — they have childish innocence on their face and are allowed to explore their physical world. With the help of Buddhist teachings, they slowly develop self-awareness. Similarly, the process of creativity is like these novice monks — a process of becoming self aware and breaking free from of influence from others. Without imposing arduous knowledge, this natural way of growing and side-by-side acquiring knowledge in a systematic way turns them into serene and self-controlled monks,” adds the artist.



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