Grants for Buddhist & Tibetan Culture Art Preservation and Development

via the Ministry of Culture, India

Deadline: 31 August 2014

Applications are being accepted for Buddhist & Tibetan Culture Art Preservation and Development Scheme. This programme is being funded by Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The mission of this programme is to give financial assistance to the voluntary Buddhist/Tibetan organizations including Monasteries engaged in the propagation and scientific development of Buddhist/Tibetan culture, tradition and research in related fields.

Financial assistance is given for all or any of the items listed below up to a maximum of Rs.30.00 lakhs per year for any single organization.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The voluntary Institutions/Organizations and Societies should be registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860) or similar Acts
  • Only those Organizations which are mainly devoted to Buddhist/ Tibetan studies and have been functioning at least for the last three years will qualify for applying for a grant.
  • The Organization should be of regional or all-India character
    The grants will be ad-hoc and of a non-recurring nature
  • Grants from this scheme will be given only to those organizations which are not in receipt of grants from any other source for similar purposes
  • Financial assistance may also be given for construction of hostel building, class rooms, school buildings and training centres
  • Organizations which are doing good work in the field and having resources for meeting matching funds will be given preference

Documents Required:

  • Copy of the valid Registration Certificate clearly showing the validity of the Registration. The copy of the Registration Certificate will be duly certified by a Gazetted Officer.
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Copies of Audited Accounts for last three years.
  • Copies of Annual Report for last three years.
  • Item-wise write-up on each activity to be undertaken incorporating detailed break-up of funds sought, no. of target beneficiary, time schedule of the Project, etc.
  • List of books to be purchased and their cost, if applicable.
    Copy of registration certificate & other documents in proof of ownership of the land/building in case of civil construction, if applicable.
  • Detailed Project Report for civil works incorporating information, inter-alia, total land availability, estimated cost item wise, phasing of expenditure, completion schedule, approved estimates from State PWD for each item, details of Architect, details of class rooms – whether primary or secondary, Number of class rooms, Number of students per class rooms, what are the courses to be offered and upto which class, etc., if applicable.

For more information, visit Budhist & Tibetan Culture Art.


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