Use Buddha’s image wisely, President tells media heads

Sri Lanka News
24 APRIL 2014

Banned in Sri Lanka

Banned in Sri Lanka

President Rajapaksa requested media heads to inform the public to use the image of Lord Buddha wisely and not to use it daily activities that might be disrespectful.  He made a request during a meeting held today (April 24.) Sri Lanka has increasingly become concerned over what is perceived as an insult to Buddhism.

Negombo court deported a British woman, who was arrested by Katunayake police for sporting a tattoo of a Buddha sitting on a lotus flower on her right arm on April 21. She has arrived from Mumbai said police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana. Sri Lanka barred another British tourist from entering the island in March last year for having a Buddha tattooed on his arm.

In August 2012, three French tourists were sentenced to six months in jail, which was suspended for five years, for kissing a Buddha statue in what the authorities considered was a sign of disrespect. Sri Lanka also prevented US rap star Akon from visiting in 2010 over one of his music videos which featured scantily clad women dancing in front of a Buddha statue.



One response to “Use Buddha’s image wisely, President tells media heads

  1. Even the most tolerant and compassionate religion seem to have their repressive attitude moment towards personal freedoms. I understand that people have the right , justly so, to be offended by these acts but legislating upon them is another issue.

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