The Emperor and his Stupa: Buddhist Art at Sanchi, India

Buddhistdoor International
Feb 23, 2014

Welcome to Sacred Stone: India’s Buddhist Architecture. In this series, Buddhistdoor International journalist John Cannon takes you on a treasure trove of Buddhist stone heritage in India. In this episode we explore the Great Stupa of Sanchi, a mortuary and commemorative structure that has had a remarkable influence on Buddhist architecture.

Keep a lookout for the second episode!

Narrated by John Cannon
Script by Raymond Lam
Edited by Karen Chang
Music: “Relent”, “Temple of the Manes” by Kevin McLeod; “Homage, Going for Refuge”, “Metta Chant 3″, Aatanatiya Paritta Gatha” by Ven. Ariya Nani

Buddhistdoor International 2014



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