Digital Monastery Project, fundraising campaign

be41d00b-55ca-4766-bf64-7f9eef9495c6_27e8bf1c421ac580c664fd0c5d66be22a5aeb011Click to go to a FundAnything page (a crowd sourcing site) for the Digital Monastery Project. The project’s goal is to fund “annual training opportunities for monastic treasure caretakers. […] Our international team includes experienced professional conservators, security experts and digital inventory specialists who have decades of experience in related projects.”

“[C]ontributions will provide for:

– Travel, tuition, and living expenses for monastic treasure caretakers of sacred art treasures to attend this month of training.

–  Digital Documentation equipment: computers, tablets and cameras. Some remote monasteries have neither.

–  Travel and living expenses for international specialists, all of whom are donating all or part of their professional expertise.

–  Administration costs, salaries for facilitators, translators, and assistants.

–  Travel costs for follow-up visits by experts to participating monasteries.

Please, consider supporting the effort by donating and by forwarding this to your colleagues and friends. All contributions go to a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization (Milarepa Childrens), and tax receipts will be issued.”

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