Book review: “Peace of Mind,” Buddhistdoor International, 2013

Jeffrey Martin
08 October 2013


A contemplative photobook is available for free download from Buddhistdoor International.  The 118 page book features a collection of images from the website’s many photographers, each paired with an inspirational quote, and sorted into categories of Business, Relationships, Emotional , Health and Spiritual.  


Creative pairing of image and text.

The original layout was done for the printed version, and the downloadable PDF suffers from having two page spreads chopped in half.  Because sequencing wasn’t considered, you have the same problem even in double-page view.


Problems in the layout of the electronic version

Most of the photos represent some aspect of Buddhist culture, such as temples, statues, monks, or lay worshipers, while the remainder are landscapes and scenes from nature:  trees, flowers, skies, pathways, a flock of birds.  One of the pairings seems a bit odd:  a photo of fishermen casting a net with a quote on right living.  The book also contains problematic quotations of the Buddha, such as those on page 66page 82, and page 85.

Peace of Mind is available for download here.  Hard copies appear to have been printed but there is no information about such at the Buddhistdoor website.



One response to “Book review: “Peace of Mind,” Buddhistdoor International, 2013

  1. seems to be like a good book, still the faults in pdfs can’t be ignored…

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