Jade Buddha upcoming tour dates: Malaysia & Japan

The Jade Buddha in Sri Lanka, August 2012

The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace is the largest Buddha carved from gemstone quality jade in the world. The Jade Buddha is 2.7 metres high and weighs 4 tonne. It sits on an alabaster throne of 1.4 high. The size and beauty of the Jade Buddha make it a wonder of the world. It is considered to be priceless.

The Jade is from Canada and the statue was carved in Thailand. The Buddha inside the Mahabodhi Stupa in Bodh Gaya (India) is the model for the Great Jade Buddha. This Buddha was chosen because it is universally recognised by all Buddhists.

The purpose of exhibiting the Jade Buddha around the world is for everyone, irrespective of their religion, to take a moment to reflect upon peace; peace for the world; peace in their relationships; peace for their families and friends; peace at work; peace in their mind. We hope that such positive inspiration will bring joy and motivation in the lives of those who are able to see the Jade Buddha.

15 March to 24 March 2013
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wisma Hrih Lotus, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur

6 – 14 April 2013
Penang, Malaysia

Tentative Daily Programs are Sand Mandala Construction,
Relic Blessing, Offerring to JBuddha, various Pujas and Prayers.
Volunteers and Co-sponsors are welcome.
For details please contact:
Ms Sharon Yeoh , email: cgc.penang@gmail.com

OR Chokyi Gyaltsen Centre, 37y Lorong Zoo 1, Ayer Itam,
11500 Penang, Malaysia Tel:04-8265089
Penang location si Penang Times Square,
Jalan Dato Keramat 10150, Georgetown Penang.

9 May to 9 June 2013

Sakyamuni International Buddhist Center
Email: sakamuniibc@gmail.com
Tel and Fax: 042-667-7042


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