The warmth of the Sun, always on her back / Would you get a Buddhist tattoo?

Shambhala SunSpace

Buddhist tattoos are, in ways, like every other kind of tattoo: not everyone agrees that they’re a good idea, but of those who do, many get their ink out of a feeling of commitment, wanting to honor something of real value in their lives. So imagine our pleasant surprise when our art director Liza Matthews stumbled on this back piece by the great Chicago-based tattoo artist Dawn Grace. Depicted here is the “Great Eastern Sun” graphic that served as our logo back when we were the Vajradhatu Sun. We’ve of course since evolved into the Shambhala Sun, broadening our coverage (and changing the logo just a bit), but we were still thrilled to see this and wanted to share it with you.

Thanks to Dawn for letting us do so. By the way, Dawn has done many Buddhist-inspired pieces. For more, visit her website and/or see her portfolio. And as for you: would you ever get a tattoo, or do you already have one? (I’ve found that many people do and have documented this on my website The Worst Horse. See here, here, and here.) And is this a generational thing? (There are of course cultural exceptions — for example, the sak yant tradition in Thailand.) Let us know what you think via the comments below.

See also: Why does the Shambhala Sun look like it does? Art Director Liza Matthews explains her process



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