Dinesh launches first ever Buddhist oratorio

Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka), Thursday, 27 January 2011 11:35

Young talented musician Dinesh Subasinghe is one of the privileged guys in his field because he has had the privilege to study in the music academy of globally renowned musician A. R. Rahman.

This individual stepped into the limelight not merely two months ago with the release of his first ever Buddhist oratorio which is said to be the first philosophic piece of musical work since Professor Premasiri Khemadsa’s cantata on Buddha’s ‘Pan Nirvana’. This talented composer is ranked among some of the greatest western composers whose oratorios seem to have no competitive advantage over those of Dinesh. This piece is said to be his first exclusive composition since coming down for holidays from the A. R.RAHMAN academy in India. Dinesh has titled his oratorio CD as ‘The Buddha- River of Kindness’. It is available at ‘Vibrations’ Union Place Keels Super- Island Wide, and at M Entertainment. The CD includes many genres in music, such as western classical, Sri Lankan folk, Japanese and Chinese styles, Buddhist chanting, Tibet music, pop music and Indian classical music.

Dinesh considers himself to be a rare musician who follows and appreciates ‘real art’. He does his journey at his own pace and hence neither follows trend nor sets it. Dinesh only wants to create genuine heartfelt music which he can relate to and in turn make it acceptable to the rest of the world. He therefore hopes to enhance his music as a language which can be expressed and communicated by anyone at a universal level. By doing this he hopes to establish a good musical reputation for his motherland, Sri Lanka.

The Oratorio is based on the life story of Lord Buddha. Just listening to the masterpiece of sorts is said to be a good form of relieving stress. Dinesh calls this ‘Music Therapy’ that makes people calm and makes them positive. The composer’s dream is to take this unique piece to a universal level where soon world famous orchestras will play it finally commemorating Sri Lankan music. However Dinesh feels this to be a challenge as Sri Lanka is still at the very inception of creating good universal texture through its own authentic music.

Dinesh wishes to acknowledge the following talented musical personnel who made his Buddhist oratorio a successful reality. Most profoundly from India those who represented the A.R.RAHMAN ACADEMY namely, John Anthony (a great Bollywood guitarist who has accompanied more than 3000 Indian movies),

the main cellist who played for A.R .RAHMAN movie solos EILIDH CATHERINE MARTIN, Asrhitha Arockiam ,Sahil Jeeth, Singh Rachinthan, Trivedi , Pranoi Praveen and others.

Further acknowledgements go out to Rev.B.Mahanama and Pragash Bosco who assisted toward bringing versatility in the tracks recorded. Dinesh takes this opportunity to mention some upcoming Sri Lankan Vocalists namely ‘Pabasara Shashyamali, Dinesh Tharanga, Raveen Kanishka and a few others who he feels have a bright future within the industry.

Speaking of Dinesh’s accomplishments thus far, it is intriguing to know that this young composer finished the first year foundation programme with an A GRADE and received his certificate from his living legend A.R.RAHMAN himself. Thereafter he worked for A.R. RAHMAN in his ‘nursery rhymes Audio CD narrated by Bollywood actress KATRINA Kaiff. He played violin, Rawan Hatta, kingiri and Ekthar in the CD and also worked within a string orchestra in mani rathnam’A Movie RAWAN’ which was recently released. He is the first Sri Lankan to study in Rahman’s academy and the first Sri Lankan musician to participate in Rahmans music projects. Dinesh is also a member of the Indian cine musicians union.


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